Hi, this is VM Transcribe.
short & simple,
read your office voicemails.

30 days free trial. no commitments.

Setup is simple.

No system administrator changes required.
Works with any phone system that sends you an email with your message attached.

Simple Setup

Change the email address that your voicemails are being sent to, no need to add users or change phone system configurations.

[email protected]
simply becomes
[email protected]

Voice Transcription

Your message is processed by our secure servers, with multiple voice to text engines comparing results to get the best quality possible. You are then forwarded the transcribed text along with original audio.

This happens in a matter of seconds.

Simple Management

No need to add users, recipients are automatically detected on your domain(s) and added.

Billing is $5 CAD/user/month based on active users.

Get voicemails right away, search them later.

By receiving voicemails as transcribed email, you will be able to assess the importance of a call while in a meeting without interruption. Searching your inbox will also return text from within voicemails making it possible to find them at a later date.

Secure Storage.
Achieve Voicemail Legal Hold.

Access all voicemails in one place, with the ability to search by phone number*, user, and date range.

Storage of messages is using utilizing the Amazon Cloud S3 service for best security and reliability.

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For casual use

Perfect for a home user with a single email address. This is a great add on to your existing home phone voicemail to email service.

Email Support
10 Voicemails/Month

Free service is limited to casual use, for use over 10 voicemails you will be prompted to upgrade to a business account.


Per Month / Per Active User

Great upgrade to your existing phone system, optimize response times to voicemail and easy to implement on entire domain(s) and automatically billed for users utilizing the service.

Priority Support
Unlimited Voicemails

Billed based on active users per month after 30 day free trial.

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